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Through the Material Landscape, 2017

wire, string, yarn

There are 200 species of native bees in Toronto. Working and moving around us daily, these creatures are mostly invisible, and hyper-visible when unwanted or deemed out of place. The movements of the bees act as a lens by which to view the space in between these polarities as active and productive.

This series of oversized wire bee sculptures and wire relief on canvas, is a project materialized through science and art using metaphor to explore themes of Black subjectivity and re-imagined futures. It is about the act of seeing and un-seeing, and the choices therein. This dichotomy reflects how we meet and respond to racialized subjects in everyday encounters, and can be seen in the interplay of light on the works and the shadows they cast. The sculptures from Through the Material Landscape evoke a virtual invisibility and present a nuanced conversation on how black subjects are seen and understood in space and place, past present and future.