Conversations In Flux:
Visible presence unfolding
in time and space

Conversations in Flux consists of three multimedia, multidimensional sculpture and paint installations, used to animate evidence of a visible black presence in North American landscapes. The objects, constructed with wire and paint, are bent and shaped into various forms depicting black populations inside and outside of hyper-visible and invisible states of blackness.  

Blueprint for a Mobile and Visible Carriage: this is composed of written, archival and present-day data as a contemporary art object depicting Thornton and Lucie Blackburn’s 1800s taxicab called “the City,” which was the first and only cab in Upper Canada. 

Revisiting Sycorax examines Shakespeare’s classic The Tempest. Sycorax is the invisible and voiceless woman in the play, recognized in scholarly circles as a metaphor for black/indigenous populations.

The Phenomenal Henrietta Lacks was a black woman whose cells were taken without her consent. Named HeLa, her cell designated as ‘immortal’ has been used since the 1950’s for groundbreaking and life saving scientific and medical research.