EMERGENCE SYMPOSIUM: Panel: Navigating Invisibility

LOCATION: Evergreen Brickworks
ROOM: Atrium

Panel: Decolonial arts methodologies engaging social trauma, migration, memory & addiction : Anique Jordan, Farrah Miranda, Charmaine Lurch, Mosa McNeilly & Erin Howley

Navigating Invisibility is a panel of five women artists exploring how art methodologies make the unseen visible. We ask what conditions are required to imagine, and then create, narratives of possibility for those who are rendered socially and historically absent? Using interdisciplinary, arts-based approaches, Navigating Invisibility interrogates the very limits of the definitions of otherness, "the human", and trauma. The panel discusses Black histories in Toronto, Middle Passage memory, diaspora and migration, social trauma and addictions, and transnational music through methodologies including psycho-social arts practice, installation, performance, sculpture, visual art, music and photography.