Charmaine Lurch

Charmaine Lurch is an award winning arts researcher and interdisciplinary artist. Her contribution to Canadian art has been influenced by a wealth of cultural experiences, academic studies and formal art education. Charmaine’s present research involves an examination of how anti black racism creates a climate of invisibility and erasure of the experiences and agency of racially marked subjects in society.

She embraces ideas of the temporal and spatial within her work and embodies contemporary art practices coupled with the effectiveness and utility of design.

Charmaine’s installations often meld sculptural and pictorial elements. Her integration of mixed media, linear and painterly elements, maximizes a line quality that is both purposeful and descriptive. Charmaine has her Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University, is a graduate of Sheridan College Arts & Design program, and studied at the Ontario College of Arts & Design and The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in a number of galleries including the Royal Ontario Museum, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, The University of British Columbia, and the National Gallery of Jamaica. Most notable is her work with Inner City Angels, an art education charity bringing innovative approaches and awareness around social justice and environmental issue to Toronto schools.


Nominated for Nature Award/National Nature Museum, 2014, Ottawa
Featured in article on Wild Bees, Toronto Star, 2014, Toronto
Global TV interview, TDSB mural work, 2013, Toronto
Toronto Star review, TDSB mural work, 2012, Toronto, 
Good Hair Painting, “Da Kink In My Hair”, TV drama, 2007, Toronto
Malvern Youth for the Arts, finalist Leo Creativity Award, 2005, Toronto
Youth Benefit art Project/ The Scarborough Mirror article, 2004, Toronto 

Arts Education

Charmaine is an arts educator and interdisciplinary visual artist. Her commitment to life-long learning through the arts is expressed through the diversity of her paintings, book illustrations and her work with the students. Charmaine’s teaching always incorporates diverse and distinct subjects of social, environmental and political challenges that face those living in an urban multicultural society. 

In partnership with Inner City Angels, Charmaine inspires students with interactive, fun, and engaging arts programs. Inner City Angels is an award winning arts education charity that provides interdisciplinary arts programs to young learners.